"A portrait is not an identificative paper but rather the curve of an emotion" -James Joyce

Friday, July 12, 2013

Washing Over Me

     The jet lag has worn off, neighbors have been greeted, studio cleaned, inventory done.  I started stretching today.  The heat was rough and the onions ripe.  Two 44 x 52" canvases and a coat of gesso each, hopefully two more coats and two more builds tomorrow.  I plan on getting some plein air work done this summer so I will build a contraption that will fit the back of the family truck.  My goal is to use the landscape to answer some questions about my work, and then get back to portraiture with some freshness.  I spent the first half of my painting career in the open air, and I lost interest in simply illustrating a place.  This is even more true today, and I am hoping to explore the landscape as a sort of self portrait.  If painting is a language, I must force myself to say more.  If materials can imply narrative, then my genre of telling will be poetry.  Every mark must say.

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